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It's not easy to get a hotel liquor license in NY State or NYC when applying on your own.

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The Hotel Liquor License Application Process is Complicated

Between trying to make sense of the nonsense hotel liquor license requirements and having to apply and re-apply when your application is denied, trying to obtain a hotel liquor license is a long, complicated and costly process. 

Save Yourself Time, Frustration & Reduce Long Term Costs.

New York State Liquor Authority Consulting Offers Fast, Easy and Guaranteed Hotel Liquor License Approval*.

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When You Need a Hotel Liquor License in NY State or NYC, Trust the Experts

requirements for hotel liquor license in nysOur Staff Includes Former State Liquor Authority Officials

We know what makes a hotel liquor license application get approved or denied. We use this first hand experience with the State Liquor Authority to help our clients get approved for a hotel liquor license. 

NY Hotel Liquor License Requirements

A hotel liquor license, also referred to as a hotel liquor permit, is required for a hotel to legally sell alcoholic beverages at their location. 

Hotel liquor license requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • The hotel must have a full restaurant, including a kitchen
  • The hotel liquor license applicant intends to sell alcoholic beverages in their building that is regularly used to feed and lodge guests
  • Understanding and disclosing the structure of your hotel business, such as:
    • offered services,
    • how food and beverages are or will be prepared and served,
    • how many locations you will be operating and where,
    • how many people your hotel accommodates or will be accommodating,
    • as well as additional required information to be disclosed in a hotel liquor license application

The above is not a comprehensive list of hotel liquor license requirements. 

Simplify and Streamline the Hotel Liquor License Application Process

Don't waste time trying to figure out hotel liquor license requirements, only to risk having your application denied and having to repeat the whole process over again (and pay application fees again). 

Liquor License consultants for Hotels in New York

We Can Help Get You Approved for a Hotel Liquor License. 

For years, New York State Liquor Authority Consulting has helped people get approved for a hotel liquor license in NY State and NYC.

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liquor license application for hotels in nyOur professional liquor licensing consultants have assisted in the processing of 6,634 approved NY State liquor licenses. 

Our service region includes all of New York State and New York City (NYC). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • New York City (NYC),
  • Buffalo,
  • Rochester,
  • Syracuse,
  • Binghamton,
  • Watertown,
  • Plattsburgh,
  • Westchester County,
  • Albany,
  • Utica,
  • Ithaca,
  • and all cities in New York State

We Can Apply for and Process Your Hotel Liquor License on Your Behalf.

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*Approval guaranteed if applicant provides all documents requested by SLA and answers all questions truthfully. Guarantee does not apply to applications before the full board.