Liquor Store License

How to Get a Liquor Store License from New York State Liquor Authority Consulting

A liquor store license is the most difficult license to obtain. Attempting a liquor store application without professional assistance will probably result in a rejection of the application. More liquor store applications are rejected than approved. All liquor store applications must go in front of the full board in NYC. The community board, local municipality, churches, and neighborhood groups can oppose your application.

Before you sign a lease or purchase a building for a liquor store, call us at (888) 252-2830 for an evaluation of the proposed premises.

How to Apply for a Liquor Store License

The liquor store license application process is very time-consuming and frustrating. If one question is not answered to the ABC license examiner’s satisfaction, the application can be returned to the applicant. The Liquor Authority can keep your fees and then make you start all over with more fees. Unwelcome surprises that cost the liquor store license applicant significant time and money to resolve are very common. If an applicant attempts to obtain a liquor store license without experienced professional assistance the process could take many months before a license is issued, if a license is issued at all.

Don't Waste Time and Money by Applying for a Liquor Store License on Your Own

The Liquor Authority has created a huge backlog of liquor store license applications. The Liquor Authority is now returning new applications and keeping fees if the application is not correct. The Liquor Authority is more than happy to keep your fees and make you start the process all over if they find an i not dotted or a t not crossed. Questions that appear to be simple can cause problems that could result in the rejection of your application. If you attempt to file an application on your own or with an inexperienced professional, we wish you well.

There is a Faster and Easier Way to Get Approved for a Liquor Store License

Get Approved for a Liquor Store License from New York State Liquor Authority Consulting

For years, New York State Liquor Authority Consulting has helped people apply for and get approved for liquor store licenses. Our professional staff includes former State Liquor Authority officials, so we know what can make the difference between an approved or rejected liquor store license application. 

Rather than trying to navigate complex and confusing liquor store license requirements all by yourself, talk with our liquor license professionals. We've assisted in the processing of 6,634 approved liquor license applications. 

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