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What are your fees? 2017-12-31T05:59:49+00:00

We will prepare your SLA application for a reasonable flat-rate fee. This fee varies depending on your location, size, scope of business, and your specific needs. Our fee does not include SLA license and filing fees, or attorney’s fees. For a quote call 888-252-2830.

You do all the work. I don’t have to do anything ? 2018-01-02T23:52:47+00:00

Yes & No

​You must provide us with truthful answers to our questions and you must provide us with documents required by the SLA. You have to be fingerprinted. Our consultants do everything else for you. Electronic fingerprinting is now offered statewide. It is more convenient and it speeds up the application process.

If I filed an application myself and it has yet to be issued will you expedite it for me? 2018-01-02T23:53:21+00:00


The license applications that we submit are correct at the time the application is submitted. We can not expedite an application that you have submitted in error to the NYS Liquor Authority. If an application is submitted to the Authority with errors, it will be returned and the Authority may keep your fees. You may then be required to start the process from the beginning, including paying the same fees all over again!

​Is it possible to expedite an application? 2018-01-02T23:53:58+00:00

The Members of the Authority have approved the implementation of a Self Certification Program. This program allows attorneys filing retail applications on behalf of applicants to certify that statements and documents provided in an application are true and accurate, and that the application meets all statutory requirements. The program will allow for a more timely review of applications as the agency will rely on the information certified by the Attorney, eliminating the need to review each document submitted. We can refer you to attorneys that will review the application we have prepared for you. The attorney will then make a visit to the premises to verify the accuracy of the application. The attorney will then certify and submit the application.

Do your consultants work with attorneys? 2018-01-02T23:54:47+00:00


On many occasions, a client will go to an attorney for assistance with starting or purchasing an alcohol related business. Attorneys frequently call on our consultants to assist with the ABC license application. We are not attorneys. We always recommend that a client consult with an attorney for purchase offers, leases, incorporation, partnership agreements etc.