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New York State Liquor Authority Consulting offers the easiest and fastest way to get approved for a liquor license near Rochester, NY.

  • We've Assisted in the Processing of 6,634+ Approved NY Liquor License Applications
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  • Don't Waste Time Applying on Your Own, Waiting Weeks or Months for a Decision
  • We Can Apply for a Liquor License near Rochester, NY on Your Behalf
  • Don't Risk Rejection and Having to Repeat the Whole Process
  • We Offer Guaranteed Approval*

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Too often, people waste their valuable time trying to figure out how to get a liquor license near Rochester, NY. The requirements are complicated, confusing and hard to find.

Even if you take the time to try to figure it all out by yourself, you could be stuck waiting weeks or months to get a decision on your liquor license application. After all that waiting, your liquor license application could be rejected for some reason that's nearly impossible to make sense of. 

Don't try to work with the SLA alone. Save yourself time, frustration and repeat application fees.

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We've worked with thousands of people just like you, including the owners, attorneys and accountants of hotels, restaurants, bars, liquor stores, caterers and other types of businesses requiring a liquor license or permit from New York State.

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The More Time You Wait, The Longer Your Business Isn't Making Money from Liquor Sales. We Offer Guaranteed Approval. 

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