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Have you been charged with a violation that you cannot find in the ABC law?

Don’t be surprised! The Liquor Authority has the right to make their own rules.​
Better yet, they change the rules all the time.
​We would be pleased to suggest a liquor license attorney or a retired NYS Liquor Authority investigator will work with your attorney to assist your defense.​

Please Remember
Violations are held against your license for 5 years!
In many instances the Liquor Authority has:

  • REVOKED the liquor license
  • Charged a civil penalty of $10,000.00 OR MORE!
  • Taken the Bond
  • Prohibited a new license from being issued at the premises to anyone for TWO YEARS!

Don’t be the next subject of NYS Liquor Authority Enforcement!

Call us immediately if you have been charged with any liquor license violation.

Caution: beware of expediters not licensed to practice law in NYS.

You should only retain a liquor license attorney for liquor authority violations.